Here we go!

Thanks to my buddy Joe volunteering his time to help a technologically inept guy (that’s me if there was any doubt) the Restore Church website is up & running. Actually everything – template, colors, etc – is subject to change, but I at least wanted to get something up for now. In upcoming days we will share our vision for Restore Church, plans, photos, & much other information. Here’s a preliminary look at our core values.

Gospel-Centered. This is not the first on a list of core values but our CORE VALUE from which all the others flow. Who Jesus is & what He has done is our message. We are made right with God by Him AND we live out our relationship through Him. It’s all about the Gospel. Always. Jesus + Nothing = Everything. Period.

Diversity. Revelation 7:9-10, our favorite passage, reminds us that Jesus is redeeming people from every nation, tribe, & language. We want our church to preview this eternal multi-ethnic kingdom. We champion Gospel-centered diversity because it makes Jesus look really big. And He is!

Joy. To be rescued from our sins & restored to God & others should make us the most joyful people. Instead of getting what we massively deserve, judgment, we are infinitely lavished with what don’t, God Himself! Therefore, even our struggles & sorrows should be infused with the joy that Jesus has overcome, & through Him, so will we.

Community. When God saves a person he places them in His family. And family members can’t grow into what God intends them to be except through real & transparent interaction & commitment to others in the family. Therefore we cherish sharing our lives together. We can’t be what God wants us to be without one another.

Missional. The church does not exist as an end to itself, but for the great commission. We have been “called out” to “go into” the neighborhoods and the nations. As a community we exist to make Jesus known in the larger community. The church is not a time & place but a people redeemed by the gospel to tangibly display & lovingly declare the gospel in all of our lives. We are to be servant missionaries. What a great calling!

Change. Don’t worry, we are not talking about changing the gospel. But the Gospel itself models adapting, without compromise, to culture. So we are to be transformed & changed by the gospel AND we are to take the unchanging gospel to a changing society by being creative, innovative, & adventuresome. The only failure is not trying.


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