The Hanafee family

I am waiting at the bank to open an account for Restore Church so I thought I would drop a pic & say a few words about my family. My wife Susan will greatly miss all our friends in Hillsboro but is very excited about our move to Detroit. You might even say that before we became Christians, in fact the night we met, she prophesied about Detroit;) Yep, I answered the “where our you from?” question with my worn line, “Dey-twa!” Without an ounce of hesitation she answered, “OK, so you are from Detroit.” So in one night I met my wife and received “intimations” of a call to Dey-twa!
Kevin, 14, is pumped to move & looks forward to playing his freshman year of football at Cass Tech High School. Carolyn, 10, is looking forward to making new friends & discovering new libraries. Ian, 8, just wants to tackle his brother & see the Tigers play. Claire, 6, is telling everyone she can about the move & Emma, 4, is busy helping mom pack (or climbing in the boxes).
We are all thrilled about continuing gospel ministry in Hillsboro with the Grace & Truth family for the next several months – what a great privilege!! In fact, the picture was taken after a sweet time of gathered worship yesterday.
Revelation 7:9-12!!


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