Jesus’ short list

Enjoying a beautiful spring break day at Oak Park with my family, the Cavenders, the Bontragers & a few others from Grace & Truth. While waiting to get on a ride I shared the vision for Restore Church with my buddy Doug. He replied, “If Jesus was making a list of places to visit Detroit would definitely be on His short list!”
I agree.


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  1. Neil says:

    Good looking group there. I can’t speak from personal experience about Detroit, but I would have to think that God has blessed those Red Wings! 🙂

    By the way Mike: I have started a blog about Christianity and I would be honored if you checked it out when you have some time:

    Please feel free to comment, clarify or correct me on my posts. I would hate to be posting something unbiblical or that would lead others away from Christ.

    God bless!

    Neil Hess

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