Why “Restore”?

Why have we chosen the name “Restore” for the gospel-centered missional-oriented church God is calling us to plant in Detroit? Because the  Bible is the story of God restoring His Kingdom on earth through the person & work of Jesus. A series we did this winter at Grace & Truth was instrumental in my understanding of the fullness of God’s restorative purposes in Christ.

“The book of Revelation describes a fully restored kingdom: God’s people, Christians from all nations, in God’s place, the new creation, under God’s rule & therefore enjoying His blessing. And nothing can spoil this happy ending. It is no fairy tale; they really will all live happily ever after.”  Vaughn Roberts

And we are thrilled to be called to be part of what God is doing & will do for His glory, through His Son, by His Spirit in Detroit.  In future posts we will answer the question, “Why Detroit?”

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  1. […] video was one of the first things that gripped my heart as God began solidifying our call to plant Restore Church in Detroit.  Little did I know when I first came across this video that I would end up meeting the […]

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