Gospel Identity #3 ~ Learner of God

The third gospel identity I presented in my Sunday message at Grace & Truth was that of a learner of God.

Far more often than being called believers (just a handful of times) Christians are called disciples (some 262 times!). The term disciple can be translated as pupil, learner, or follower.  In the mystery of His incarnation even Jesus was a learner (Luke 2:52). And the most frequent designation for one Jesus redeems is disciple – again, some 262 times!

So how do we live out this learner identity?

First, we seek to learn about God through general revelation.  When I talk about this particular gospel identity with my children on the way to school I remind them that they can learn about God even from someone who is not a believer & who even gives a wrong interpretation of the facts.  In short, we can glory in the mind & majesty of God as we learn about numbers or finger painting or frog parts or parts of speech! They all tell of God if we will listen.

Second, we are to get into God’s special revelation. We are people of the book. We don’t worship the book, we worship the God of the book, & one of the ways we do it is by getting into the book to learn of the God who has rescued us. We do this through personal reading time, family devotional time, informal studies, small groups, corporate worship gathering, & many other ways. We draw close to the Incarnate Word through the written word. We are to unashamedly love rich God-centered doctrine. What priority does Scripture have in your life?

Third, we must respond to what we learn. This is really important, & sometimes overlooked. Remember,  the word disciple carries the meaning of following. We have not truly learned until we follow, that is, until through the power of the gospel we seek to obey.  I’ll close this post with an illustration you can hear in the last minute of this Francis Chan clip.

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