Healthy Body Life

Last week I discussed from Colossians 3:12-14 how a unified church is an essential & winsome apologetic for the gospel. However, in a fallen world something gets in the way – namely, us! Thankfully, in Christ we have a power to forgive stronger than the pain that resists that forgiving!

Because a healthy church body is so important for the gospel advance in His kindness God gives us further instruction in Colossians 3:15-17.

First, we are to let the peace of Christ rule. In short, the umpire in how we relate to others is how God has related to us in Christ. The decisive factor in how we respond to others must not be their performance or merit but grace!

Second, we are to let the word of Christ dwell. The message of Jesus, contained in all of Scripture (Luke 24:44-49), must saturate us. This does not happen accidentally – there must be intentionality! This deliberate soaking in the gospel will evidence itself in Christ-centered mutual every believer instruction, exhortation, & celebration.

Third, we are to let the glory of Christ motivate. It is all too easy to let our activity in the church body be motivated by personal agendas & reputation. But when we all have the common goal of Christ being glorified in all our words & deeds then we can see even the way we deal with our differences as opportunities to show how great Jesus is & how grateful we all are for His infinite mercy & tireless patience with us!

To listen to this message on Healthy Body Life click here.

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