Pictures of GTBC bros & sisters

Here are a few pictures of some of my brothers & sisters at Grace & Truth Bible Church I have been greatly privileged to serve with for nearly 5 years in Hillsboro – the other 2 elders (Tim Tsuei, Josh Tuttle), our current intern (Stephen Branine) & a few members. Some of the pictures were taken at The Gospel Coalition Conference 2009 & the Worship God Conference 2009.

OK, so I “found” a few older pictures of my fellow elders just so you can get to know them a bit. And to see if they are checking in;)



  1. Josh says:

    Hey Mike, these are blackmail pics for sure 🙂
    And to clarify, I wasn’t really crying when the shark was gnawing on my leg, it was all for the photo-op…

  2. mikehanafee says:

    I was thinking I could get quite a bit out of Tim’s Fonzie shot. Btw, I do have your marshmallow picture…

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