Heading to Soma Tuesday

Last fall Clete, Stephen Branine, Josh Tuttle, & I went to a conference in Washington. Some of the sessions were really good, others were not so great, but one was particularly providential. For several years God has been growing my understanding of biblical ministry. I was becoming convinced of & pursuing gospel-centrality, great commission-orientation, & a missional approach even before I knew of some of these buzzwords.   Then we heard Jeff Vanderstelt of Soma Communities speak on these very topics, particularly the missional church. “Wow! This is good stuff!” I thought. Since that time I have had conversation with Jeff, listened to many sermons by the elders at Soma, & learned about Soma School, a training program designed for church planters. From May 11 – May 17 Clete & I (with Susan) will be attending Soma School.

Soma School is a 7 day experience where you will be immersed in our community. You will get to pray for and serve our cities, study the biblical and theological foundations of Soma Communities, reflect on the incarnational responses to the needs of our region, and live with us as family (warts and all) as we learn to embody the gospel as a community.

We will host you with members of our family and you’ll get to experience their rhythms of life as well as getting many different snapshots of Soma in both urban and suburban settings.

This experience is for individuals (particularly church-planters) that desire a deep understanding of the Gospel Identity and Rhythms in which we live.

To make the experience the most worthwhile, for you and for us, we strongly recommend you read both of these books before Soma School: Total Church and The Prodigal God.

You can  read the rest of the description of Soma School here. Please pray that this will be an extremely fruitful week!

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