Soma School: Day 1

So here is my first attempt of posting at via my Iphone. The plan is to give a daily updates, consisting of a short summary & some pictures.
Yesterday (5/11), after lots of preparation (mostly by Susan) for being away at Soma School for a whole week we said goodbye to our 5 children. (Always hard!) We are very thankful for our kind friends who will care for them! (I hate that I am going to miss Kevin’s district track meet.) We picked up Clete & then made good time to Tacoma arriving to enjoy a great reception & meal. Ceasar & Abe killed it as they began walking us through the Story of God. We pillowed our heads at 11:30 at the Gig Harbor home of our very gracious hosts, the Tildens. We are very excited for what God has for us this week. Oh yeah, I also found out yesterday that I have been officially approved with Acts 29! Details forthcoming.
Looking forward to a great day learning more of the gospel’s implications for church planting!
Acts 20:24

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