Friday- Soma School — Saturday- Day of toil

Today I’m going to put up some pics of what we did and will give a tease about some blogging we will do next week.  

We had breakfast with the Tildens this morning (wonderful egg mixture with mushrooms).  Went on a service project with them to a community garden.  This garden bounty is given to various food banks in the area here in Gig Harbour.  

So yes we are all very tired, but satisfied with a good days toil knowing that God is the source of all life and without him all the planting and watering is in vain.

Next week will blog about the 4 G’s of God.  Some stuff we already knew, but teased out maybe a little differently. 

Keep watching for that coming next week.

Enjoy the pics from yesterday and today.

Oh, yesterday we went to a Song Writers Showcase.  Students from Tacoma School of the Arts were their and it was sweet.  Aaron Spiro heads it up.  Stinkin’ gifted dude.  Thanks to Shakabrah Java for creating a venue for this.

Jim and Mike at Shakabrah


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