Acts 29 Church Planting Partnership

I am very grateful to share that I have been accepted into the Acts 29 church planting network for the planting of Restore Church in Detroit.  You can now check us out on the candidate map. An Acts 29 candidate becomes a full member when he meets specified conditions (I was given none) & gathers 40 committed adults.

The assessment process is fairly intense. It included completing a number of detailed documents like my testimony & call narrative; an overview of my marriage & family life; my theological & pastoral positions; my planting strategy and timeline; and an in depth questionnaire completed by Susan regarding her testimony, our marriage history, my shepherding in the home, & her sense of our call to plant Restore. Several references by those I have served with & discipled were also required.  Additionally I took  entrepreneurial and DISC assessments. Following this I had a 90 minute phone interview with Tyler Powell, the Church Planting Strategist with the Acts 29 Network. Finally, my wife & I met last month with 3 Acts 29 pastors for a 2 hour interview (You can read about that interview by an intern who sat in on our assessment here). Whew! But really good stuff in giving gospel centered feedback on our strengths & weaknesses. I heartily commend Acts 29 assessment for anyone considering church planting.

I am attracted to Acts 29 by the gospel centered, reformed, missional, & complementarian positions.  I am also attracted to the organization’s position on closed hand & open hand issues and the statements on what they do & do not believe.  Our friends at Church of the Cross in Arizona (I attended Soma School with Wade last week) share some good thoughts on Why Acts 29?

Now the real work begins. Are you ready to join us on this exciting adventure?

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