The Greatest Story Ever Told

When we were at Soma School we heard the “Story of God”.  What a refreshing way to look at the Bible.  The Bible is a story and should be read as one.  The whole point of the Bible also is JESUS.  From Soma Web Site:

For thousands of years, stories and oral traditions were the key means for Jewish and Christian people to learn about and experience God. Soma Communities interacts with the biblical narrative through stories as one of our primary ways of teaching and engaging the Word. Often, we use an ancient Hebrew process, now called Storying. This is proving to be very effective with people of all ages in our media-literate, story-oriented North American context. We interact with these stories as a way to understand, experience and connect with God through his Word in community. Here, you can interact with Soma as we experience the Story of God in our larger weekend Gatherings, and beyond, in this blog…

We are going through the Story chronologically. These stories make up what we call the “Redemptive Arc”. The line of questions we ask are designed to help us see the redemptive work of God from the beginning of the Story. It is not meant to teach us everything that we could possibly see in the story…that’s for another day. To fully engage this with us you will want to start at the beginning by listening to the narrative and interacting with the questions for the PROLOGUE: Beginnings story. Continue from there to the next story, and so on.

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