Engage: Day 2 & Hitchhiking to Fivepoints

Thursday was packed full & very profitable. After being reminded in my morning jog that the elevation of Denver is, uh, slightly higher than Portland I hit the second & last day of the Acts 29 Bootcamp. Among several strong messages, Sam Storms preached from Acts 17, sharing 4 powerful truths for impacting our communities. Check out the sermon in a few days at the A29 website if you get a chance. At the conference I also met 2 couples who have a similiar post-conversion journey as mine who are ministering in a community just outside Detroit. Pretty cool!
At the end of the conference I set off on foot to hook up with the team at Providence Bible Church. Putting my USMC navigation schools to “good use” I walked 2 miles in the wrong direction (but I was talking to Susan on my phone!). So I then set out on the right direction & managed to thumb a ride to the Fivepoints neighborhood. The guy who picked me up said it has been a long time since he saw someone do that in this area! Starving, & with not many restaurants in this section of town, I thankfully found a soul food joint called Coleman’s Taste of…Detroit! The owners used to live in Detroit. Great food! Great conversation! After supper I sat in on a meeting with PBC regarding non-profit corp issues & then later presented the ministry of Soma. Turned in close to 2AM.
Great day! Thank you Jesus!

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