Creation Good

As Mike and I were in different states over the past week, we both came away from where we have been with more of an understanding of how great our God really is.

Mike was in Colorado for the Acts 29 BootCamp and this past weekend I was in California at the Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park and Crater Lake National Park.

Mike was able to hike in Colorado, and I was able to hike in California.  We both saw breathtaking views that only a powerful creator could have made.

When God says in Genesis that His creation was good, He certainly was not fronting His creation.  He was legit and it was good.

As we look at Detroit, we see many good things, but many broken things.  We see destruction, but we also see the promise that in Christ all things will be made new.

I love the scenes from this Youtube video and the message that the song gives to us.  Our God is all powerful and cannot be tamed.  That excites me, I don’t want no boring life.  Life in Christ is the most exciting life I can think of.  If your bored, you are not following the God I know!

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