Sojourn Small Group does the STORY OF GOD

We did the “Story of God” in the story formed way this last Tuesday evening.  We usually go through and discuss the sermon from the previous Sunday.  Since most of us were gone Memorial Day weekend on sightseeing trips we decided it would be beneficial to start the Story of God.  We had all our kids involved and for our first time doing the “story” I thought it went really well.

The story went smoothly and the dialogue was beneficial to all.  The kids were the big surprise.  Some of their answers to God’s character were astounding.  Good Stuff.

Of course you also had the funny answers also.  “If you could create the perfect world, what would you have or not have in it?”   No churches was one of the first one out of the little ones mouth.  Not sure that is what we were looking for, since we are called to plant a church in Detroit.  We will work on their thoughts about church.

God really is a good God when you look at how he was so merciful to his creation when they disobeyed him.  I would have destroyed Adam and Eve, but God always does what is good, right, and perfect.

I think we all saw how merciful God is when faced with rebellion.  The angels were only thrown out of heaven and not destroyed (yes their day is coming) .  The humans were thrown out of the garden and not destroyed (Christ made the way to eternal life).  God even killed another part of his creation so that the humans could be clothed before leaving the garden.  What a merciful God!

It was really fun doing the Story of God and will continue with it while here in Hillsboro.  I’m glad we have time to do this before we move to Detroit.

If you want to learn more about the Story of God click here.

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