On the ground in the D

As you may of heard we covered the drive from Portland to Detroit in just under 40 hours (we put jet fuel in the box truck) arriving at 4AM Wednesday. After finding a hotel on priceline for $36 total we crashed for 5 hours before heading out to a meeting at Oakpointe Church in Novi. It was exciting to hear pastor Bob Shirock share the vision of E.A.C.H. The goal is for every person in Southeastern Michigan to see the gospel displayed & hear declared multiple times. This was yet another indication God is working to move on & in Detroit. Tuesday I will have the privilige of meeting with Bob to share the vision of Restore Church. In the afternoon we showed John the 48202 & 48206 zip codes plus looked at some houses.
Today we are meeting with Lisa Johanon of Central Detroit Christian Community Development Corporation. Lisa has served Christ for many years in Detroit & has much to share. Friday morning we meet with Ryan Kozey of Infinity Alliance who is flying in from Buffalo to walk the ground with us and offer his insight in planting churches in rustbelt cities.
For now we are chowing down at Leo’s Coney Island. That’s all for now.
Oh yeah, the verse I have thinking much of today is Jeremiah 29:7 – check it out.

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