Just in time!

After a day long delay due to a cancelled flight (& being told we would not make it to Portland until Friday!) we made it back just in time for Kellie & Kevin’s graduation from 8th grade – thank you Lord! We were reminded of our need for patience & that God’s timing is perfect – a needed reminder in a time where much has to be accomplished for our move home to Detroit! (And perhaps we will score some tickets out if this!) We also saw afresh how creates new relationships through “unplanned” events. During the layover we met Hassan, a converted Muslim, who periodically flies to Detroit to volunteer in the kitchen of a mosque in order to create relationships to share Jesus. Pretty cool!
We have had a very very fruitful & busy trip – about 10 appointments, many new contacts, offers on two houses, greater understanding of our context, & increased vision clarity. (I think Clete is going to blog on this trip in a few days & I am including a few photos in this post.)
I will share here that I had a childhood dream fulfilled on this trip to Detroit – batting practice on the old Tiger Stadium field! On the way to one of our meetings we saw some people knocking the ball around on the old diamond (the stands were razed last year). We pulled over & jumped into the action & I was able to stroke a few liners on that historic field. Then I discovered the guy pitching was the catcher at a local high school just down the road from the high school I attended during the very same years, 1983-1987. What is more, turns out his business partner is a guy I hung with in high school who has since become a Christ follower!
This morning I am taking my family to San Francisco for a weeklong getaway after a very fast-paced spring. We are planning on escaping from Alcatraz. Then on June 27 I will preach one last time at Grace & Truth.
Please pray for the Bontrager & Hanafee families as we continue preparations to move to Detroit. Life is good & it is exciting to follow Jesus wherever He takes us!

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