43 years of “Get your….!”

Last Saturday night Clete, John, I (props to Clete for the tickets) attended the Tigers & Pirates interleague game. Pretty sweet – Guillen hit a laser shot into the right field stands for a 10th inning walk off homer. That was followed by the final of a singing contest (remember this is Motown) & a stunning fireworks display.
During the game we met Phillip, a vendor who has been hawking beer, hotdogs, & ice cream for 43 years. 43 years! This fun & friendly gentleman told many stories about things he had seen – like Denny McClain’s 31 win season & of course the ’84 World Series title. Imagine how many beers he has popped open, hot dogs he has sold, & ice cream bars he has served! Imagine how many times he has cried, “Get your…!”. Imagine how many steps he has walked & conversations, like ours, he has had! I was reminded of the grace & endurance we are going to need as we seek to serve all people of the 48202 & 48206 zip codes with the gospel. Many different people have said that the climate of Detroit particularly requires endurance, stamina, & perseverence for a ministry that really makes a difference. Please pray that we would be “strengthened with power through His Spirit” (Eph 3:16) that we might joyfully go all out for the ongoing gospel advance in this Acts 29 age!
Philip’s life also gives us another exhortation. In working as a vendor for the Tigers he is following in his grandfather’s footsteps. Are you leaving an example of gospel stamina & proclamation for your kids & grandkids to follow? Where are you finding your identity?
“Get your…!”

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