A new chapter begins!

After arriving home from a great family trip to San Francisco late Friday night (I will probably share a bit about some interesting experiences in this great city in coming posts) I preached my last sermon at Grace & Truth on Sunday.  It was an emotional time as I reflect on the tremendous privilege it was to serve this church for 5 years & all that God has taught me in this time. It is now officially the beginning of a new chapter and we are VERY excited about displaying & declaring the gospel to every boy & girl, man & woman in the 48202 & 48206 zip codes of Central Detroit multiple times in multiple expressions through Restore Church!

1. Pray for the sale of our house. Once the house sells we move. I am going to take a hit financially but that’s OK as we are investing in God’s eternal economy, not the one of this age. In the meanwhile, to diminish the degree to which we eat into our savings, I am going to look for work & already have resumes out for a few manufacturing jobs (my previous post USMC profession). Hopefully the house will sell very soon & this prove will to be a moot exercise but I want to be diligent in the interim.

2. Restore Church is now my full-time job. Much, much to do. I am working on a profile package to send to the planting organizations, churches, & individuals we have had communication with regarding Restore. I am growing our contact list. We are beginning the process of raising support. We are continuing training. We are visiting Detroit in a few weeks (hopefully one last time before we move!) to continue to build new relationships & to make some decisions regarding a house we are considering renovating. There is a lot of other stuff to do as well. And of course, we are continuing to seek by the power of the Holy Spirit to advance the gospel here in Hillsboro as we await our impending move.

Here are pictures of me preaching old school last Sunday (I wrote my message on a notepad while on vacation), our possible house (the Wall Street Journal did a fascinating article on the history of the house), & really cheesy proof that not only have I been a Tigers fan a long time I also actually once had hair on my head.

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