Restore’s Mission & Vision Statement

THE MISSION ~ The what

To display and declare the gospel to every boy & girl, man & woman in the 48202 and 48206 zip codes multiple times in multiple expressions. The goal is to see people discipled to Jesus & deployed by Jesus so that they can be the church on mission that truly displays & declares the gospel in all of life saturating the city with the presence of Christ.

THE VISION ~ The how

To plant a gospel-centered, incarnational, missional, multiplying movement for the marginalized & unevangelized through the discipleship & deployment of indigenous converts.

  • Gospel-centered—This is not the first on a list of core values but our CORE VALUE from which all the others flow. Our message is not moralism, not pragmatism, not political agendas, but who Jesus is & what He has done.  We are made right with God by Him & we live out our relationship through Him. Unbelievers and believers need Jesus. The Gospel is not the ABC’s of the Christianity but the A to Z of Christianity.
  • Incarnational—In the ultimate missionary act God became man & lived among & served humanity in the power of the Spirit before giving Himself a sacrifice for sinners. As those sent by the “sent one” (Jn 20:21) we want to follow His example not only by living in Central Detroit but by serving & becoming part of central Detroit.
  • Missional—Though the word “missional” has become a bit of a buzzword there really is nothing new or sexy about the concept. Missional living is simply about Christians living intentionally in community before & with the greater community in ways (I Peter 1-3) that demand a gospel explanation (I Pet 3:15). Every believer is a paid full time missionary (we just get our check routed in different ways!) & is to wrap his/her life around mission with others in intentional community.
  • Multiplying movement—Our marching orders are unarguably clear—“in going make disciples”  (Matthew 28:19 ). This demands not only multiplying disciples but also multiplying churches in partnership with others who champion this kingdom advancing passion. As the missional communities that will compose Restore Church grow some will become new churches through which the gospel advances across the neighborhoods & outward.
  • Discipleship & deployment of indigenous converts—We are not bringing a church into central Detroit (the Potted Plant approach) but organically building a church within central Detroit (the Native Soil approach). Gospel movements that experience lasting traction are those that emphasize discipling & deploying new converts from the local soil.  Therefore we put a high premium on both formal & life discipleship through our missional communities &, incrementally, but in significant ways, deploying new Jesus followers. We disciple new believers by bringing them on mission with us, we deploy new believers by going on mission with them.

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