So Clete & I made our 3rd (& hopefully last trip before we permanently move) to Detroit. After 58 hours, lots of laughs, a beautiful drive along the Clear River in Idaho, reading & discussing several chapters of Acts, Clete almost driving off the road, listening to a few great sermons on prayer & mission, barely missing a deer near Missoula, a rest-stop cat nap, a comedic run out of diesel fuel episode at 4AM (my fault), lots of Gatorade & coffee, and a stop at the world renowned “Corn Palace”, we made it to Detroit.
As many of you know, my 7 year old daughter severed the tip of her finger in a door after we left. It killed me not to be with Claire, Susan & the rest of the family during this time. I was very encouraged by the help & prayers of so many. God’s grace abounding has been evidenced by Claire’s calmness in all this (she is a lot tougher than her daddy!) & Susan’s strength in handling the events of the week.
Today (Thursday) I worked on a video (coming soon) in central Detroit (once again I got to sift old Tiger Stadium dirt through my fingers!) while the Bontragers walked through a home they are considering purchasing in our ministry area. In just a few hours I head to the airport to pick up Susan!! Then in the morning we are walking through a house that we are considering restoring.
Both Saturday & Sunday we are meeting with people who have expressed interest in Restore Church. Looking forward to hanging with fellow Jesus followers passionate about the gospel advancing in Detroit!
This morning I read again two touchstone texts in our call to Detroit – Acts 20:24 & Revelation 7:9-12. If you have a chance please take a moment & pray through these passages as you think of the birth & beginning of Restore Church.
Thanks much for checking in!

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