Jealousy, Context, Holiness, & Confidence

We arrived back from Detroit late last night but apparently my body forgot I was back on the west coast & woke me up early, real early. After working on some projects for Restore Church I downloaded on my Ipod the message on “The Missional Christian” (Part 1) by Eric Mason of Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia & went for a run. Wow! (if there is any doubt, the wow is for the message not the run!) God used Eric’s talk on the comprehensive scope of I Peter 3:15 to create 4 things in my heart.

1. More jealousy for God’s glory to be known.

2. More hunger for knowing my context & faithfully bringing the gospel to it.

3. More desire for pursuing Biblical holiness & reflecting Christ.

4. More confidence in the awesome reality that it is Christ who does the work through us, not us through us!

You can find the message here under 02/08/2009. Well worth the time! Tomorrow I listen to Part 2.

After a really goofy picture (You can tell John is thinking, “I’m standing next to these guys!?”) there are 5 pictures from this last trip to Detroit — Darrell (a native Detroiter who has spent many summer days fishing for Blue Gill on the water front), some new friends (looking forward to getting to know them!), some good friends from when I served in Indiana,  the eastern market (starting in 1891 it is one of the oldest open air markets in the country), & Corporal Milton at the meat market (I have immense respect for this gentleman – as a Marine he was part of the attack force at Iwo Jima. He talked about cooking out together when we move home to Detroit).

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