We all have the same vocation!

Sunday July 25 2010 we attended Mack Ave Community Church in Detroit.  Eric Russ preached the final message in the book of John series.

A particular point made during the message that really hit me was the difference between Vocation and Occupation.  In our western society we think of our occupation as our vocation.   But what truly is our vocation?

At Soma School this spring one of the themes we kept hearing was that we are all missionaries for Jesus, we just get our paychecks routed through different businesses.  Some may get their paychecks through Intel, General Motors or through a church, but we are all to be missionaries for our God.

There is a difference between occupation and vocation. Vocation according to Dictionary.com is “a calling, a synonymy is pursuit.” Vocation is more about the “grand purpose” in your life.

Occupation according to Dictionary.com is “a person’s usual or principle work or business, an activity in which a person is engaged.”  Occupation is about how you put food on the table, and what you do to make a living.

In reality every person, whatever their occupation, has the same vocation.  Every person in this universe is to bring glory to the God of the universe.  So whether you are a Christian or not, you are to bring honor to God.

We now as Christians have had a revelation of our vocation. As a believer we “finally” get it.  We are to be “fishers of men & feed lambs.”   Before conversion we do not understand what is our true vocation.  As Christians do we truly get our vocation?

MATTHEW 4 as well as MATTHEW 21 talk about being Fishers of men.

What is the focus of your life?  Would you describe your life as being about  fishing for men and feeding the lambs?   That is our vocation (our calling).  That is what brings glory to God.  We must be about evangelism and discipleship.  Those two go hand in hand and are often the very same thing. If we are all about building portfolios of wealth, having the best educated kids, having a comfortable existence for our family, or being safe, we are not truly living out our intended purpose.

So as we seek to bring God glory in Detroit we must be about the “right” vocation.  Are we FISHING FOR MEN and FEEDING THE LAMBS?  I pray we get our vocation right.

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