update on sale of Hanafee home

Chosen, heirs, adopted, redeemed, loved, forgiven, conquerors, reconciled,justified, sons & daughters, kings, priests, slaves, commissioned, living sacrifices, set apart.  These are some of  the hope inspiring realities true for every Christ follower that Susan & I penciled on the back of a comp sheet after hearing some difficult news about the last thing that needs to be done before we move to Detroit, sell our house. (OK, so we added the non-biblical expression “petrified” – see if you can find it in the list below;)

In the last 2 days we have interviewed about 5 realtors as we seek to relist our home with an agent who is closer to our community. Some of the recommendations put a lump in our throat & a sickly feeling in our stomach. In addition to losing the $60,000 we have in the house a few realtors have said that if we want to sell the house we need to bring $10,000-20,000 to the closing. We just don’t have the means to do so. Another kindly offered to lead us through a short sale. I just don’t feel right taking that course of action–as I follower of Christ I want to honor my financial obligation as much as is in my power rather than hit the eject button.

Right now I am waiting on the Lord & asking Him what He wants me to do, seeking to learn all that He wants to teach me in this (a blogpost in itself!), & opening myself to new ways He may want me to minister during this indefinite time period. Pray with us along these lines. And for the sale of the house.

God is good, glorious, great, & gracious! And He is ALL those things FOR us in the gospel!

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