A Farewell Party In Hillsboro Oregon

On Tuesday, August 17th, Adam & Kimberly Johnson opened up their hearts and home to throw John Johnson and the  Bontrager and the Hanafee families a farewell party.

God has used AJ and Kimberly in our lives as a great encouragement since we’ve met in Hillsboro.

We were all very humbled by the turnout.  People from our different connections in the community, and so many different churches came to show support for Restore Church.  God’s kingdom is so much bigger than just any one church or community, and that was great to see at the party.

After a group picture, Mike and myself gave a little “speech” thanking the folks who were there for the influence they had in our lives.  Adam asked whoever wanted to pray for us to do so, and hearing the prayers of God’s people for us and our new chapter was encouraging.

We know we are in way over our heads, but God has not asked us to do it alone or without power that He gives.  He says the harvest field is white unto harvest.  He has sent his Spirit to do what we cannot do and has sent us saints to encourage us in our journey.   Thanks be to God for his kind gifts!

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