Update on Bontragers’ Move to Detroit

Well the time has come.

Wednesday Sept 15 (2) 28′ trailer will be dropped at our place to be loaded with household and business inventory.

We will leave for Detroit on Sept 19, 2010.

I just spent a week in Detroit securing warehouse space.  Much to be had, but not much secure in our area.  So we are renting a warehouse in Hazel Park for 6 months.

I put an offer on an 8,000 square foot warehouse/industrial space that was foreclosed on by the bank.  This space is 2.2 miles from where we will be living.  The bank  has 7 to 10 days to accept or deny the offer.  If they deny the offer there is a tax auction Sept 17th that I will bid on another industrial space for our business.  That property is located on Rosa Parks less than a half mile from our home.  Both buildings need rehabbed.  New electric and plumbing would be on the menu.

We will be renting the house we were trying to purchase.  We will not be purchasing the house as the owner wants $115k and it only appraised for $50k.

So we will be looking for a home to buy once we get on the ground.  The first home we put an offer on is still available so we may bid on it again.

We have been blessed by so much generosity shown to us since our move was announced.  I would like to give a special thank you to the folks at The Table who have been a great source of encouragement and blessing in our lives.

We should land in Detroit Tuesday night (9/21) or Wednesday day (9/22).  We have many gracious friends who have offered assistance in helping unload the trailers into the warehouse.  A mission team will be up from Cincinnati and will also give assistance which will be a huge blessing.

Industrial space we have put an offer on.

The Hazel Park Rental

Tax Auction Building on Rosa Parks

Chicago Blvd Rental home

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