Update 9/21/10

So here’s a brief update on what’s been going on in September.

Bontrager move to Detroit. After 3 days, more than a few sore muscles, & lots of pizza we loaded up four 28 foot Roadway trailers full of the Bontrager’s personal belongings and mostly Whole Wheel & Hubcap inventory – that’s right, 112 feet of trailer! Dale, Adam, Jim, John & others, you are loading beasts. Thanks much to all who helped in many ways. After finishing (or so we thought), we found one drawer yet unpacked. I hope you are not mad at me for posting that picture Ruth;) You, Katie, Kellie, Kimberly, & Susan did great in packing untold numbers of boxes! Please pray for the Bontragers as they will arrive in Detroit late Tuesday or Wednesday and then have just 2 days to unload the trailers.

    Sale of Hanafee Home. We just relisted our home 2 weeks ago and held a realtors’ open house last Tuesday (22 showed up!). Then Sunday afternoon we had a regular open house and two couples were said to have expressed interest in the home. We praise God for the many things He has been graciously teaching us in these months. Please pray for the soon sale of our home.

    Financial Support. Monday another church came on board in supporting my family as we plant Restore Church, bringing our total monthly support to $1,125 starting in January. While we obviously have more to raise (and please pray to that end!) we are extremely thankful in these tough economic times for both the regular support pledged as well as several one time gifts.

    Prayer partners. We are seeking 100 prayer partners who will commit to praying for our ministry. If you are interested in this import role in advancing the gospel in Detroit please contact me via this blog or mikehanafee@resdetroit.org

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