Two Week Update on Bontragers’ in Detroit

Well, we have now been in Detroit for two weeks.  How time does fly!

After unloading four 28′  trailers full of business product and household goods we began the task of setting up both the business and house.

Both are still in stages.

We have had some fall illness hit the family and put a cramp in our style, but we are starting to feel better.

After leaving Hillsboro early Sunday morning Sept. 26th we drove and drove.  We hit Detroit on Wednesday early afternoon.  We were met by Eric Russ (pastor of Mack Ave. Community Church) bringing dinner by and welcoming us to Detroit.  I do want to thank the Mack Ave. families for making us feel welcome here in Detroit.

So in a nut shell we are doing well and plugging right along.

We have been able to meet a couple of neighbors while on walks and then just other events in our neighborhood.

Larry is a gentleman we met while taking a walk on Tuesday of this week.  He was an interesting fellow who has done quite a lot in his life.  We planned on getting home before darkness fell, but in hearing Larry’s story that was not going to happen.  Larry believes God has every day of his life in control and he will not die before it is his time.  Larry has done a lot of crazy things in his life, so it will be neat to cultivate this relationship.  Larry was a nuclear accident specialist.

I met Mr. Robinson who lives 5 houses down on the other side of the street yesterday.  Mr. Robinson called the police because the house right across from us (vacant house) was being stripped of its bathroom fixtures in broad daylight.  I noticed a van out front of the house and noticed another window broken, but did not think too much about it as I was getting home till the police roll up to our house and ask if we were being robbed.  Well, just getting home I was certainly not in the frame of mind for that question..  I then looked across the street and the van was gone and a sink was now sitting beside the house.  So the police roll across the street and look at the mess at the side of the house.  Mr. Robinson came over because he was the guy who had called the police.  He is a 66 year old gentleman with a great sense of humor, but none too happy with the house in his neighborhood being stripped.   So today I should get a chance to hang with him as he wants my help to board up the broken window.  He did tell me I live on the wrong side of Chicago Blvd, but then I told him his side was the one being stripped, so we will see where we stand today!  He told me you “need a good sense of humor to live here in Detroit”.

Many people have asked if we have had any issues so far and I’m pleased go say none bad!!!  The closest thing to anything happening bad was at 2:00 am Sunday morning Ruth got up to shut Kellie’s light off in her room (she fell asleep reading) and noticed a car on our front curb.  At the exact time she noticed the car our house alarm started beeping.  She woke me up and I went down stairs and checked everything and all was fine.  About 10 minutes later the police came and had the car was towed away.  Don’t know whose it was or why they abandoned it where they did, but we think they may have been drinking as a broken liquor bottle was broken in our driveway.  So I guess it best if they could not drive they abandon the vehicle right where they did.

We thank you for your prayers and concern for our family during this time of transition.

If you remember please pray for health to return, business to increase (been down for several months) and time to enjoy our journey.


I will post some pics I took on the way to the shop this morning.




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