October Hanafee Update

So after a bit of a hiatus here is a brief report.

Timing of Move. Through prayer, fasting, & counsel we have been seeking God’s will on the timing of our move and should have some exciting news to share very soon.

Sale of house. No great surprise but the housing market continues to decline. While some have advised us to walk away from our house we feel constrained to do everything in our power to fully honor our financial obligation & sell our house in normal fashion. That means not only losing the money we have in it but also bringing money to the table at closing. To seek to accomplish this we are selling our Honda Odyssey (plus it might not be the best thing to drive a Honda in Motown!) and looking to buy an older vehicle to free up some cash. It’s been a painful but privileged process to fully open up our hands & trust God in ways we have never had to.  The (half) joke has been, “It’s easy to trust God when He sticks to our plans.”  But of course God’s ways & plans are always best! We love those words by David Sitton of TETM, “For as longs as God clothes the fields He will provide for His missionaries.” Verses of scripture we have long known have become precious in new ways!

Surplus Gizmos. That’s the name of the computer/technology parts resale shop I been able to get some part-time work at for the last few months. Five really smart guys work there (OK, computer geeks) so I greatly reduce the average IQ every time I walk in the store. My job is to tear apart machines & sort out the flux capacitors for resale;) It’s been fun to hang with the guys at Surplus Gizmos & learn some new things from them.

Story of God. A month ago we started moving through the story formed way Wednesday nights at our house. It has been a joy to get to know neighbors & friends from my softball team better as together we engage the greatest story of all & what it means for our stories. You can find out more about the story formed way herehere, & here.

Coaching Football. It’s been a blast to coach the defense on Ian’s 3rd & 4th grade Jackson Elementary School football team. So far we are 4-0-1, but who’s keeping track? The video below captures our intensity;)

We are very grateful for the ways God has been growing, stretching, & teaching us in these months. Acts 20:24

Oh yeah ~ of the many many powerful messages by various preachers I have been privileged to listen to in the last months, Francis Chan’s scripture packed sermon “Is suffering optional?” has been particularly challenging.  You can find the message here under 02/22/09 & an abbreviated transcript here.

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