Hanafees Moving to Detroit!

Yep. The time has come! With a lot of joy & gratitude I am excited to share that on November 20 we are moving to Detroit! In case you can’t tell I am just a bit excited;)

A while back  the Bontragers very graciously asked us if we would consider moving in with them during the initial phase in Detroit. Through prayer, discussion, fasting, & counsel God has confirmed this is His will for us. The benefits will be numerous. It will keep us at one housing payment as we seek to sell or possibly rent our home in Oregon (there are some encouraging developments on this). It will enable me to meet in person with potential regional partners I have communicated with via email & phone for several months.  It will allow us to begin the process of incarnating in 48202/48206 and gathering those who have expressed interest in Restore in order to both learn & cast vision. And we will experience firsthand what at times will be part of discipleship at Restore, living together in community.

In God’s kindness I found a great deal on a 26 foot truck, $659 for a week with unlimited mileage. (If it ain’t getting on the truck it ain’t coming!)  I will attend Soma School 201 in Tacoma from November 15-18 & then load up on November 19. For any of our local peeps, we will be loading at 10am that day if you can help us. Please pray for good weather (as we are driving late in the season) and that God would burn deeper in our hearts a passion to see Jesus save & transform lives in central Detroit.

Moving day will no doubt be an emotional day as we reflect on over five years in Hillsboro and the many friends we have been so privileged to make. Our hearts our encouraged by the staggering reality that one day we will gather with our friends who know Christ for an eternal celebration (Revelation 7:9-12) and that the gospel is able to continue to work (1 Corinthians 1:22-24) in the not-yet Christians we love so much.

Looking forward to enjoying a Lion’s victory & a great meal in Detroit on Thanksgiving Day!

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