We’re jumping in!

In case you haven’t heard in less than 2 weeks we are jumping into Detroit!  Well, actually we are driving…but we are ready & excited. And when we get there we are going to jump out of the car!

Here’s a copy of a letter I recently sent to several friends as we seek partners in the gospel who will help us show & tell Jesus in central Detroit.

Dear friend and fellow Christ follower,

Very exciting news! After much prayer and preparation the long awaited time to move is less than a month away. On November 20 (what will no doubt be an emotional day!) we will leave for Detroit to plant Restore Church. I want to give a big shout out to so many of you who have provided much heartfelt encouragement and solid counsel!

As a missionary church planter I need your help to show and tell Jesus to every man, woman, and child of central Detroit. Launching a new church, especially in today’s economic climate, is a costly endeavor. But we remember God gave the ultimate gift and sacrifice in His Son in order to make us His children. As a response to the Father’s love for you and His desire to extend His love through you to those who are not yet His children, would you financially support my family so that in planting Restore Church we can give our full attention to making Jesus known and equipping others to do so?

We are seeking $4,300 a month, starting January 2011, to cover rent, food, utilities, home security system, health insurance, car insurance, social security, taxes, lower school education, and other living expenses for our family of seven.

Some have the resources to give boldly and consistently for an extended period of time while others can only commit at this time to a one-time gift. In the life of a young church plant truly every single dollar makes a difference!  Details on giving options can be found on the enclosed sheet. If you are not lead to financially support us, or are unable to, we would be very thankful for your prayers.

A brief video and a more detailed planting prospectus, as well as periodic updates, can be found at resdetroit.org.

With deep gratitude,


Acts 20:24

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