We’re here!

After a very fast-paced last 10 days we have arrived in Detroit and are pretty much unpacked.  Thanks much to all who helped us load in Hillsboro and unload in Detroit!

The 2,500 mile drive was fun, and at times, a bit harrowing. At the end of the first day of driving we hit minus 10 degree temperatures near Butte, Montana – brrrrrr to the max.  On the second day we encountered steady snowfall and “whiteout” conditions when a UPS double tractor trailer flew by us, kicking up snow for about 200 yards. It was cause for a spontaneous prayer meeting! That day we saw several overturned cars and trucks. The evening ended by  finding a hotel with an indoor waterside. The kids were pumped about this, but not so excited about making snow angels. The last two days of driving we made great time and arrived last Tuesday night at 8PM.

We knew we were close to home when we saw the large Uniroyal Tire on the east approach into Detroit. Thanks much to Clete (& his family!) for helping us with the drive.  Susan was especially thankful for this, given the weather conditions.

On Thanksgiving we enjoyed a great half-game of football (Lions 17, Pats 10;), a great meal, & great fellowship with friends & family. Earlier in the morning I walked with Kevin through our new neighborhood into downtown and took pictures of a few of the local “religious establishments”. The next day (Friday) I showed the family around central Detroit and in the evening we caught a state football championship game at Ford Field. It was pretty cool to be able to walk home from the stadium! Saturday we unpacked more and set up a temporary office. Sunday we worshiped at Hope Church in east Detroit – we were very encouraged by how they shared about us and prayed for us in the service. We ended the day by having  friends from Gospel Life Church in Madison Heights over to the house as we heard from some career missionaries to the Congo and discussed our call to be missionaries in central Detroit.

Today we are looking into schools for our children and scheduling meetings with many contacts we have made over the last several months. There is so much to do. Please pray God would give us wisdom way beyond ourselves and His peace, power, & presence in the midst of all that needs to be accomplished.  And above all pray that we would love God more, love man more, and  hear what the Spirit tells us as we seek to show & tell Jesus to every man, woman, & child of our community.

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