Our first two weeks

It’s hard to believe but we have been in central Detroit for 2 weeks. God has been incredibly kind to us in many, many, many, ways. Here are just a few examples of how God is pouring out His grace on us:

  • Last week Kevin, Carolyn, Ian, & Claire were admitted into magnet schools. Considering the time of year & the normal process it takes for this to happen this is no small thing! This was nothing less than a merciful answer to the prayers of many.  I have not tired sharing the encouraging & funny story of how all this came together!
  • It has been confirmed that 1626 Boston Blvd will be fully renovated and that in 6-8 months (at an incredible price thanks to the work of several non-profits) we will move into this beautiful home in the heart of our ministry area.
  • We have been able to meet several locals, have friends of our ministry over to the house, and enjoy conversation around a fire at a neighbors house. This Friday & Saturday night we will be attending a few Christmas parties in our neighborhood.
  • I have been able to meet with several pastors from the area as well as some church planting organizations in the region. Many more meetings are on the docket.
  • On the weekend of Dec 18/19 I will be sharing a bit about Restore at a church in Lansing that has been a tremendous & tangible encouragement to us.
  • As families living together we are learning more & more what it means to apply the gospel to everyday life & relationship. We continue to be amazed by God’s love to us through the Bontragers.
  • Clete has received the deed to the building around the corner that will be location of his business. Once the place is secured we will begin cleanup. The goal is to have his business moved in 3-4 months.

This really is just a smattering of what has been going on. We are enjoying God’s love for us in the gospel! If there is one thing I have learned in 10 years of ministry it is how much help & grace I constantly need. Left to myself I will crash & burn. Left to ourselves we will crash & burn. To that end please pray that we will have a constant cognizant reliance on Jesus. This morning I read these words from Bob Kauflin, “I am a hopeless person but Jesus died for hopeless people.” How true! And what is more, we cracked pots (even crackpots!) have been given God’s Spirit so that we can show & tell Jesus for God’s glory! Pray that we will find our greatest joy in this purpose for which we were created & redeemed. Here’s a few other ways you can pray:

  • For wisdom & guidance for the Bontragers as they look to purchase a home in our area for longterm housing.
  • For relationships to develop with many people in 48202.
  • For God to send “faithful men ” our direction – both those that already know Christ & those that will come to know Christ – who we can disciple for indigenous gospel ministry & multiplication.

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