Weekend at Riverview Church

Saturday & Sunday we had the great privilege of sharing a bit about Restore Church in the worship services at Riverview Church in Holt, MI. Wow, it was a blast being with this church that has already been a massive blessing to us! We have been overwhelmed by their kindness & support.

In December Riverview took a break from teaching through the seven churches of Revelation to do a series entitled, “He Gave; We Give.”  This weekend Noel wrapped up the series on gospel stewardship by giving some specific applications and then introducing me about halfway into the message. You can listen here under week 4, December 18 & 19.

Many, many people talked to us after the services about Restore Church and all 50 of the planting prospectuses we set out were snapped up.  We were humbled by how many people expressed interest in helping in some way. One of the guys we spoke with had the Detroit Lion’s logo on a tooth – definitely a first for me! Maybe it was a way of saying rooting for the Lions is kind of like sitting in a dentist’s chair…but I’ll keep sitting in that chair!

I’ll close this post by asking you to pray for what I asked the people at Riverview to pray for in the last service – our marriages. Because Satan is ticked about the gospel advance he attacks planters & their marriages. So pray for my relationship with my very best friend, wife, & lover of nearly 16 years – that Susan & I will be increasingly shaped & fueled by the gospel in our marriage. We are thankful for the way God has been lavishing us with His grace & long for this to continue. And please pray for Clete & Ruth in this same vein.

Also, please pray that Clete, Ruth, Katie, Kellie, Clete, & Clay would have a great Christmas vacation visiting family in Wisconsin. They leave Tuesday morning & return Monday the 27th. Who knows what will happen at their house while they are away;)

Acts 20:24

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