Video: Jesus builds His Church His way through average people like us!

To show & tell the gospel in 48202 in order to make disciple-making disciples – that’s what we are about at Restore. Of critical importance, then, is our understanding of the church. Namely, what is the church & how is it to function? One of the contributing influences in answering this question from Scripture has been Soma Communities¬† in Tacoma, Washington. (As many of you know, Clete, Susan & I attended a week long training in May called Soma School 101. I blogged a bit about it here, here, here, here, & here. You can access the notes & messages here. And in November, just before moving to Detroit, Clete & I attended the first ever Soma 201.)

This 15 minute message from Ephesians by Jeff Vanderstelt  (Soma Communities/VP of Acts 29) provides a good summary of what we have learned in our interaction with Soma and is a worthwhile listen not only for those interested in learning about Restore but also for those seeking to learn more about the call to make disciple-making disciples.



*Unfortunately Vimeo does not play on Iphones at this time so you’ll have to go to your computer to watch the video

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