Vision Gatherings!

It has been a really exciting (& busy) last few days. We met a couple down the street that has been praying for a church like Restore to start in our neighborhood. A man released 5 months ago after doing 29 years for armed robbery & rape shared his story in our living room. Clete & I travelled to Buffalo to meet with Ryan Kozey & 14 others connected to the Renovation Network (plus we ate at one of the original Buffalo Wings joints). People are hearing about & coming to our Story-formed Way (which included music last time, loosely defined) & Gospel in Life gatherings. We had a great Superbowl party as we watched a great game (won by a team the Lions beat 7-3 December 12) that included a great advertisement (more about Detroit than a car). Paradox Church in Fort Worth, TX (lead by former pro baseball player & Detroiter Jim Essian) partnered with Restore to help us show & tell Jesus in the 48202. At a parents’ meeting at our kids’ school where the realities of inner city public schools were discussed (& sometimes displayed) Susan & I found some great opportunities to serve. Saturday a work team from Evident Church in Macomb will help us clean out an old warehouse & chop shop that Clete purchased for his business & as potentially an initial corporate worship space for Restore. Monday Clete & I head to Cincinnati for a few days of Gospel Coach training with Scott Thomas of Acts 29. Oh yeah, did I mention water seeped into the basement of our rental soaking several unpacked boxes? With the exception of the latter lots of encouraging things are happening!

But one of the most exciting things on the agenda is that we are starting our vision casting gatherings tomorrow night. Our first round of these gathering will consist of 4 sequential meetings that will answer the question, “What is Restore about?”

  • Friday February 11 – The Gospel Message. We will look at the gospel both vertically & horizontally as we discuss why the Biblical gospel is our complete foundation.
  • Friday February 25 – The Gospel Motivation. We will look at who we are in the gospel & how that informs, motivates, & empowers how we live.
  • Friday March 11 – The Gospel Methods. We will examine 6 rhythms of life prevalent in every culture & see how they are natural opportunities for us to show & tell Jesus in the stuff of everyday life.
  • Friday March 25 – Missional Communities. Having laid the gospel foundation we will describe the “organizing structure” of Restore Church – gospel formed communities that live out the mission of God together in a specific area & to a particular people group by demonstrating the gospel in tangible forms & declaring the gospel to others.

In short we are going to talk about how we will seek to fulfill the mission of showing & telling Jesus multiple times in multiple expressions to every man, woman, & child in the 48202 by making disciple-making disciples who saturate the city with the presence of Christ. Yeah, that’s a big mission. But it’s nothing less than the great commission. And we serve a really big God who is the Ultimate Missionary.

We’ll get started each night at 7PM. Because eating is one of the universal rhythms of life feel free to bring a snack &/or drinks;) And friends too! For details on how to get to our house contact me at 971.246-4165 or

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