TEB (Transitional Elder Board) Meeting

This past Tuesday we had our TEB  (Transitional Elder Board) meeting.  This was a great time of fellowship and accountability.

Noel Heikkinen is our third member of the TEB.  Let me say this guy has wisdom beyond his years.  We thank God for Noel being a part of Restore in this capacity.

Noel Heikkinen

So what happens at one of these “smoke filled room” elder board meetings?  Ok, no it was not a smoke filled room, but it is what I think of when I hear about a church meeting.

Smoke Filled Elder Board Meeting "NOT"

So let me recount some of the meeting.

  • We recounted evidences of grace seen in Detroit with relationships being built.
  • We talked about different networks that want to be a part of what we are doing in Detroit.
  • We spent time praying for Restore and the folks God has gathered.
  • We hashed out a budget for this first year.
  • We filled out the paperwork for our articles of incorporation.  (legal stuff)

I want to share some things God has done in our midst.

  • We started the Story of God Sunday’s for our families and God has seen fit to bring people in every week to hear God’s Story.  These have turned into some very cool edifying times for us.   We have had 30 people, not including our bus ministry ;-}
  • We are studying Gospel and Life by Tim Keller on Tuesday nights and this has been a great source of conviction and molding.
  • Prayer walks have been a great source of encouragement for Mike and myself as we seek to love our neighborhood more.

Financially God has been very generous to us.  We now have 3 churches that are giving significant amounts to Restore.  We also have many people that are giving a monthly gifts to Restore to help with ministry.  We do want to thank you for your support even of one time gifts.  Every penny makes a different in our context.  So thank you for what you have done financially and will continue to do.

We are very close to making our monthly budget.  We need only $2510.00 per month to make it.  We are so close.  We thank God for what he has done and we are continued to be blown away by his generosity and yours.

We love Detroit and want to see the gospel advanced on our backs and the backs of people in the neighborhood and you can be a part of it locally or from a distance.  Pray to God that he would give you a heart for Detroit’s Gospel Advance.  We want all people to be infected by the gospel in their own region and to share their faith where they live, but we also know many areas of our country are much more resourced than Detroit.  That is why we ask you to consider partnering with us.

You can send a check or money order to:
1247 Chicago Blvd
Detroit Mi 48202

God is working in this city, what is God asking you to do for His kingdom advancement?

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