(And Michigan almost won too!)

Yesterday was a great finish to our first run through the Story-formed Way in the 48202. Originally this 10 week overview of the Bible was intended simply to strengthen the Bontrager & Hanafee families in our first months on the ground in central Detroit. But God had other plans. By the end of this study some 30 adults and kids have been participating – from some young couples & singles considering moving into the 48202 who are passionate about serving the Lord, to some neighbors including a family who has been praying for us for 5 months since they learned about us via this blog, to several classmates of our kids, to a school mom, to neighbors, & others.

In yesterday’s session, Life in the End, we saw that what began in a garden will end in a city where a restored people will enjoy God forever. And right now we get to be part of God gathering a people for His name as we show & tell Jesus! This is our prayer:

Jesus, Lord of my salvation, Savior of my soul.
Send me out to the world to make You known.
Jesus, King of every nation, this world’s only hope.
Send me out to the world to make you known.
Send me out to the world.

I wanna be Your hands and feet.
I wanna be Your voice every time I speak.
I wanna run to the ones in need, in the name of Jesus.
I wanna give my life away, all for Your kingdom’s sake.
Shine a light in the darkest place, in the name of Jesus.
In the name of Jesus.

And because there is going to be a great feast at the end we had a preliminary one, just for a little practice;) We also celebrated the Lord’s Supper and preached the gospel to one another in it, reminding ourselves that Jesus is our Righteousness, Life, Identity, Strength, Hope, & Everything.

It was a great day!

Oh, yeah and Michigan came within one basket of upsetting Duke!

I wish I had thought to take some pictures of our Story-formed Way gatherings but here are a few. At least you’ll be able to see what we ate (from a few perspectives), Boston-Edison’s angels, & Emma’s sorrow after the basketball game.

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