Beverly Reformed Church brings out our Sunday Best!

This past Saturday Mike and I drove our families to Grand Rapids, Michigan.  What a great day to drive.  Beautiful weather and vehicles that did not break down were two big blessings (for those who haven’t heard back in February Mike and I broke down on our way back to Detroit from Cincinnati and had to stay in the Dayton area overnight).

Mike was asked to preach at Beverly Reformed Church in Wyoming Michigan and then during the Sunday School hour inform the church about Restore Church.

We enjoyed an evening meal at Red Robin and laughed till we hurt.

We also had a nice time at Pet Smart (exciting time at the zoo) and Mike almost went home with a cat.  I almost went home with a snake, but Ruth would have none of it.  So we walked out with NOTHING.  Oh well, we still enjoyed the pets.

Thank you BRC for putting us up for Saturday night.  We had a nice time talking and enjoying each others company.  Needless to say we all were a little tired Sunday morning, but after a good breakfast we headed to BRC.  Mike preached on Acts 10 and 11 in a message titled The Walls Fall and Three are Converted.

After the service we played some ball in the gym and ate some hamburgers and hot dogs.  I also want to thank Chris Hall and his father in law for grilling some great chow.

Mike and Kevin had a little game and of course Mike could not let his son win. (OK, and I wasn’t about to let some 15 year old beat me either!) I do think Kevin walked away though not out of breathe.

The girls even got into Hula Hooping.

Susan Doing the Hula

Ruth and the Hula

All in all it was a very nice relaxing weekend.

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