at the catholic seminary (& other things)

So I thought the title might raise your curiosity! Got ya;) On this post I just want to share a few pictures from some recent things we have done.

Last week we attended our neighborhood association’s annual meeting in a large room at the Sacred Heart Catholic Seminary just down the road. This well attended “energetic” meeting addressed various issues and informed the community of exciting news about some upcoming projects.

Clete & I also had the privilege of hearing 81 year old Jerry Bridges speak on trusting God at Bethesda Baptist Church in Allen Park. Good stuff!

Yesterday (Friday afternoon) I took Susan to a coney island in nearby Highland Park (a city within the city of Detroit less than half a mile away). Every thing on the menu is delicious (& cheap!). And every visit includes making new friends. Now I can boast I met someone who can honestly say in a non-metaphorical sense, “I shot myself in the foot”! A guy in the next booth shared that a year ago he was getting ready to shoot another guy for owing him $35k but as he racked the shotgun he shot his own foot. As you can see he pulled off his shoes & socks to prove it. The guy said “it saved my life”, that the 7 years he already served in prison was enough.

Last night we held our 4th vision casting gathering at our house. I’ll post the message “What is a Missional Community?” & follow up Q/A in a few days but here are a few pics of some of the people who attended. Massively humbling & encouraging to see people committing to be part of the core team and first missional community at Restore!

Now off to the coney island with Kevin, Ian, & Eddie for their $6.05 steak, pancake, hash brown, & egg breakfast.

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