Video: What is a Missional Community?

Have you ever heard the statement (sometimes falsely attributed to St Francis of Assisi), “Preach the the gospel, if necessary use words”? That makes as much sense as, “Feed the poor, if necessary use food.” To put it bluntly, that idea is ridiculous and poison. No one ever receives forgiveness of sin and new life unless they hear the good news of Jesus’ perfect life, sacrificial death, and bodily resurrection (Romans 10:17). “Showing” the gospel without telling it inevitably leads to moralism and the loss of the biblical gospel. On the other hand, telling the gospel without “showing” it is hollow and even hypocritical. We become uncaring and unconvincing proselytizers, religious head hunters not much different than the cults. What is more, we fail to connect and build credibility with those who need to hear the gospel, and a hyper-focus on secondary issues and an inward orientation often follows.

Through missional communities we are going to seek to both “show” and tell Jesus in our zip code and outward. In this 40 minute video (the first 6 minutes summarize DNA talks 1-3) we address the question, “At Restore Church what exactly is a Missional Community? A small group? A Bible study? A support group? A social activist group? A weekly meeting?” In addition to answering this question, we cover the four indispensable elements of a missional community. (Note: there is no sound for the first 8 seconds of the video)

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