Restore Church Gets Down & Dirty

This past Sunday (4/17/2011) we sponsored our first service project in our little corner of the world. We have participated in doing projects with other groups, but had a great time heading this one up. I want to thank Ruth Bontrager and Alaina Grojean for all the hours of planning and prep time to pull this off. Thank you Restore for giving unselfishly and loving your neighbor as yourself.

We started off the day with a message from God at our morning worship gathering.  We looked at the cross and the murder of Jesus.  God killing God, what a thought.  Jesus not letting his life be taken, but willingly giving it up so every vestige of sin can be conquered.

Seems a little trite to finish this blog after that statement, but Sunday in our worship gathering we will see the good news of how Jesus really did conquer sin & death.

At noon we hit the streets and alleys around our ministry area picking up trash.  We did that untill 2:00 pm and then the real fun began.  We ate hamburgers and hot dogs.  We gave away door prizes.  I won a $25.00 gift card for gas.  That certainly was a great score for me as I drive a gas guzzling suburban.

We did make our area look much better, but we wanted to do so much more than that.  We wanted to make Jesus look beautiful in the eyes of those we meet.

We have some core identities that we believe every child of God should know.  We believe that two of these core identities are that each of us are missionaries & servants.  Being a good missionary is understanding what demonstrates love in the context we are in.   For our specific area, one way is keeping up with trash pickup.  In Detroit people throw trash out of their cars all the time 24/7 (even when we were cleaning up trash!).  So we at Restore wanted to show we are concerned with what our neighbors are concerned with and that we care about our neighborhood.

A good question to ask is, “If Restore left the community would we be missed?”  But even before being missed (which sure would be nice if we were missed) we need to ask the question, “Who would not hear the gospel of Jesus if we were not in our community?” After connecting with many in our community over the last several months there are now many specific faces behind that question – people that we are coming to know & love!

God was very gracious to bring 60 people through our house on Sunday.  Here are a few pics of the fun we had.

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