Front Porch Baptism

Yesterday was a first – baptizing someone on our front porch in a horse trough! It was a sweet privilege to baptize the husband of a couple who just moved into central Detroit to be part of Restore. Man, my heart is encouraged by younger Christians being fired up about making much of Jesus! The baptismal celebration also gave us a great opportunity with some of our neighbors to talk about what baptism is not & what it is. A few of the guys who came out for the service are part of our ManUp group. Will you pray for these young men to put their faith in Jesus?

Susan and I also had a great time at the Acts 29 Pastor & Wives Retreat in Colorado last week. As I posted on Facebook a few days ago, I am really really thankful for a sometimes painful, always beneficial, redemptively beautiful Retreat – may the exhortation, rebuke, correction, teaching, worship, & fellowship make me a better Christ follower, husband, father, and pastor! Here’s two links to an article and video on the retreat. (I have a brief cameo in the video but I am not collecting any royalties.) As you can see in a few of the photos below, the day after arriving home we were able to take advantage of the Friday free admission into the Detroit Riverfest. Nobody got sick on the rides but a some of us were just a bit scared;)

This Friday night we launch our summer neighborhood cookouts with a special Friday night July 4th holiday weekend kickoff party. We are really looking forward to connecting with and serving more of our neighbors as well as seeing who might be interested in going through Story-formed Way this fall.

As we want to maintain our focus on developing our first Missional Community in this phase of planting Restore we are going to meet just twice a month for worship gatherings (1st & 3rd Sundays), conduct a neighborhood service project on the 2nd Sunday and worship with another city church on the 4th Sunday.

We are deeply thankful for your support by way of prayer, resources, & encouragement!

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