Holiday Kickoff (JULY 4th) Cookout

Well another month has come and gone.  They seem to fly by as we have a blast here in Detroit.

Wanted to give a quick update on what is happening with our cookouts.

July 1st was the first in our series of cookouts.  As a matter of fact, you are all invited to Mike’s house this coming Friday night on Longfellow Street for our 2nd cookout of the summer.

We had this 1st cookout  at our home on Chicago Blvd and it was a huge success.  We were able meet so many wonderful neighbors.  We really wanted to be a blessing to our neighborhood, and found most people were far more a blessing to us.  We estimate around 100 of our friends and neighbors were here Friday. (A special thank you to the West Lodge Missional Community for passing out flyers to homes on Chicago, Longfellow, Edison and Atkinson. You guys did a bang up job during the cookout and with setup.)

Menu was pretty simple with hamburgers, hot dogs, and “stadium kielbasa.”   Neighbors brought vegetables and deserts and let me tell you we had a feast.   I’m needing some slim fast after that night.

We moved here in September 2010 and did not know anyone in our neighborhood.  I can now count over 100 people that we know by first name just in our little corner of Boston Edison.  God has been so good to us to allow us to be blessed with such wonderful neighbors.

My boys Clete and Clay are counting the days till the next cookout.  It is a great way for our kids to connect with others in the neighborhood also.  Just like children want to play with other children in the neighborhood, we as adults want meaningful relationships with people.  I value the relationships we are building and hope they blossom even more for God’s glory and our good.

Here are some pics of the wonderful time we had.

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