16 shot, 7 dead

In several different incidents in Detroit last weekend 16 people were shot and 7 were killed. Sounds like a report out of Iraq or Afghanistan. Sounds like something from post fall Genesis. Sobering. Last month a 5 year old girl who lives a few streets away from our neighborhood was abducted at 3AM in a family dispute, strangled, and her body dumped in a house set ablaze in a failed attempt to cover her murder. Appalling.

While we do not feel immediately threatened as many – but not all – of these crimes are associated with drug activity, we are viscerally reminded that Detroit, with all it’s rich beauty, is a broken place. So would you commit to fervently pray that the gospel would powerfully move in the hearts of many here? Pray for safety, empowerment by the Spirit, redemption, restoration, & community transformation.

Man, I am so thankful that Jesus suffered the just wrath of God for our sins in our place on the cross; rose from the dead on the third day conquering death, hell, sin, & Satan; and right now is making all things new through the power of His risen life! That’s why we can have hope in the midst of brokenness. That’s why we know God can use us in His purpose of restoring all things to Himself. That’s why we can live with a holy abandon to the cause of the great commission, knowing that God reigns over every last atom of the universe and that death is only the gateway to His immediate presence. (As I write this blogpost a friend just texted me, “Live for the end.” Yes!) That’s why we know your prayers – yes, your prayers – for Detroit are heard and answered!

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