A peek into a few weeks at Restore

Pretty much weekly I send out an email or two covering what’s going down in connection to Restore. Here’s one I sent out yesterday. Let me know if you would like to get on our email list.

Hey all, here’s a bunch of upcoming stuff for Restore.
First, this Sunday (Aug 21) at 10:30 AM at 1247 Chicago (Bontrager home) we will gather for worship. After a delay I am now really pumped to start our series in Colossians – Jesus. [period!] If you get a chance spend some time looking at Col 1:1-14. And I am really thankful to report that Susan’s back, while not nearly 100%, is doing much better – thanks for the prayers! Also, feel free to invite family & friends to our Sunday worship.
Friday of Labor Day weekend (Sept 2) we will hold our last cookout. Details coming.
The second Sunday of September (Sept 11) we will hold a Free Garage Sale as our neighborhood service project. Please let Ruth, Clete, Susan, or me know if you have any items to contribute. Details coming.
***our West Lodge Missional Community will canvass the area for both the cookout & garage sale on Wednesday Aug 31. Let us know if you would like to participate.
I’ve been asked to help lead & coordinate the Boston-Edison Neighborhood wide (36 blocks, 900+ homes) picnic & party for Sunday afternoon Sept 25 at Voigt Park.. This is a gravy opportunity to connect with & serve our community! Specifically, I will be leading the communication push & kid’s activities. Additionally, Clete is taking ownership of organizing transportation for seniors. The West Lodge Missional Community will be helping with the kids activities. Please let me know if you’d like to serve with us.
Last weekend, for the second time, we joined an alley cleanup for a Boston-Edison block club that is on the other side of the Lodge Freeway than we are. The fact that we do not live in that section of our community really caused residents to take note of the fact that we love and want to serve our community at large. The cleanup organizer said, “I knew if I called you a bunch of others would come as well. We are really thankful for your guys!” Pray with us that this would lead to multiple gospel opportunities.
Today I posted a new article at our blogsite. https://resdetroit.org/2011/08/17/update-25-7-but-jesus-is-alive/ Feel free to post to your public media accounts.
Tomorrow at 10 AM, in conjunction with The Detroit Works Project & Project 14, there will a “spade in the ground ceremony” at 1626 Boston Blvd (just 2 streets from us) as work is begun on this beautiful home in need of restoration.  Attendes will include Mayor Bing, Police Chief Godbee, and Chase Bank President Sarah McClelland. There will be the announced a significant contribution by Chase Bank to lead the initiative to revitalize the NorthEnd community. Stop by if you can.
Friday morning I will look at potential meeting spaces in our community with a long term, well connected, & highly respected resident who runs a local non-profit organization. Please be in prayer about a future building for Restore. Also, as I seek to learn more about our context, I will have lunch Friday afternoon with a pastor of a church 8 blocks south of us.
Finally, to give a taste of what our Missional Community gatherings are about let me share a bit of what we do. We enjoy a meal, spend time together hanging out and sharing what God is doing in our lives, study the bible with a view to being reminded of our identity and purpose, pray, learn more about our context, do some training, & strategize. OK, so we don’t do all of that every time. Last Wednesday, for example, we gave an update on opportunities that are emerging in our neighborhood, discussed our fall schedule, and opened up the book of Genesis to see how God chooses, uses, & changes screwed up people – that as He advances His kingdom through us He advances His kingdom in us! This Wednesday we are going to look at a few passages that deal with the kind of unity that glorifies God in a church and, time allowing, began training on how to connect the stories of those around us (and ours!) with the ultimate story of creation/fall/redemption/restoration. And as always we’ll chow. Let us know if you’d like to check out any of our MC gatherings on Wednesday nights.

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