Summer Sports Outreach in the D

I wanted to give an update on our Saturday summer sports outreach.

For those of you who don’t know what we did every Saturday at noon let me explain.

We played soccer on an outside tennis court.  We called it indoor soccer outdoors.  Hey, I know, “that don’t make no sense”, but really we did play with indoor soccer type rules outside.

The teen/adults would play a game or two and also the elementary kids would play.  It was a great time.  Since not many kids in our area have ever played soccer (really futbol) it was a really a level playing field.  Fun was had by all.  Every Saturday we would go through 10 gallons of water.  So you know we all played hard.

We would have 20 to 50 folks out.

We also went through The Story of God every Saturday.  As Mike and I went through this with the kids we saw our hearts turned more to Christ.  It was great to see the eyes of understanding open up for some kids when they heard stories they knew, but actually saw in light of how great our God really is.

We learned a lot this summer, and have already thought of what needs to be done for next summer.

Here are a few pics of this summer.

I also want to thank Ruth and Susan for helping and nourishing the kids with treats and water.  Thanks also to those from Restore who came out and helped.

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