Restore Church has FREE Yard Sale to Bless Detroit, but Recieves a Blessing

Restore Church put on our service project for October this past Sunday (Oct 09 2011).

Cheryl working hard putting stuff out

Our goal was to bless our neighborhood by putting on a free yard sale.  I think though we were blessed far beyond the blessing the folks in our neighborhood and surrounding areas received.  So many people came up with tears in their eyes and told us what a blessing Restore was to them.  It made our hearts melt to see such a movement in hearts.  It gave so many gospel advance opportunities.  So many people asked why are we just giving all this stuff away? Answer: the free yard sale is a display of the gospel.  We have been given a gift that we have not been asked to pay back.  Of course if you understand the gospel you understand even if you wanted to you could never even begin to pay it back.

So a few months ago we started collecting donations from various individuals and organizations in our metro area.  So many churches gave generously.  I hazard to name names because I could forget some, but I will name 3 that came through big for us.  Inter City Baptist Church in Allen Park gave us a lot of furniture and that seemed to be some of the stuff that went the quickest.  Bethesda Baptist Church gave a lot of clothes that blessed so many people.  Kensington Church in Troy also came through with a lot of ‘stuff” that was a great asset to have at the garage sale.

So we started setting up around 8:30 am and would you know people started stopping at that time even though we planned on starting the sale at 10:00 am.  By 12:30 there was not much left except for some clothes and just a few other items.  It blew our minds how fast stuff went.  We officially ended at 2:00 pm, but people hung out till after 5:00 pm just talking and having fun.

People shopping as we put stuff out

One of the most humorous but also most sad people we met was a lady who had just came from her church and said at least 50 times she could not believe it was all free. She then became very territorial over “a lot” of stuff she claimed and was ready to get it on when someone even looked at her stuff.  Unfortunately her being in “church” did not help her disposition or speech.

The Cussing Church Lady on her throne

I really believe we understood the gospel better by doing this service project at Restore.  It came afresh to me that God is not asking me to “pay him back” but now wants my life since his son gave his life.  Not as payment, but now he wants me to bring him glory by telling others how awesome he is.  When I see what an awesome privilege it is to work for Jesus, this little service project will make me love Jesus even deeper, and then those around me.

Here are some pics from the time we had Sunday serving our King.

As you will be able to tell we have lots of fun while serving King Jesus.

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