Restore video & info blast

Frequently I send out an email covering what’s going down in connection to Restore. Here’s one I sent out today. Let me know if you would like to get on our email list.

Hey all,
If you haven’t seen it yet here’s a blogpost on last Saturday’s Free Community Yard Sale – it was a big time success. We connected with many of our neighbors, made several new friends, & had some great gospel conversations that flowed out of questions on why we were doing a “free” yard sale. We are definitely going to do this again in the spring so keep us in mind per donating furniture & clothing.
Saturday 6PM we will gather at 1247 Chicago (the Bontrager home) for worship. Doors open at 5:30 for coffee so come early to hang a bit if you can. Feel free to invite friends who might be interested in learning about gospel ministry in Detroit. We’l be dipping into Colossians 2:6-15 as we consider how we are to walk in Christ the way we began – by faith – and the spiritual deceptions that lead us away from Him.
Please pray for me as this Friday evening I will be sharing about Restore & Detroit at the EFCA regional meeting at Trinity EFC in South Bend, IN – I’m really looking forward to this opportunity! (The video below was created by a Restore member for the conference – thanks Tom!) Also, pray for me as I prepare for a pastors’ seminar at the end of the month at Bethesda Baptist Church in Allen Park. Given the fact that the speaker for the last seminar was Jerry Bridges and the speaker for the next seminar will be DA Carson I’m just a tad nervous – I think I might come down with something the eve of the seminar;)
We are now are actively looking for a worship space. Down the street from me is a grocery store shut down 2 years ago for being a hotbed of illegal activity. The property was siezed by the Assistant Attorney General during the investigation but now has been released – with the help of a lady in AG office we are endeavoring to track down the owner. This place would be a great 1st phase worship facility & community center. What a visual display of restoration that would be! Please pray that we would get this facility, or another in the area.
If you like prayer lists please pray for:
1. People to meet, love, & follow Jesus – just this morning I spent a few hours over coffee with a neighbor talking about the gospel & later today I am meeting with another couple.
2. The continued growth of those God has gathered to Restore – 2 Peter 3:18
3. Leadership development – 2 Timothy 2:2
4. Resources
5. Future worship space
6. Closing on homes for the Bontragers & Hanafees
And since 7 is the number of perfection…
7. Tigers, Lions, &/or Red Wings tickets;)
For the advance,

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