Batting between Cabrera & Martinez

After a fast & furious few days I thought I’d share an update on what has been going on. Friday evening the Hanafees & Bontragers drove to Akron, OH for our sons’ Saturday football games. It was a fun road trip spending time with old & new friends, coaching the boys, watching the girls cheerlead, trying to find a place to eat, & driving home Saturday night with 2 victories under our belts.

Sunday morning I had the privilege of preaching in the 2 services at Peoples Free Church in Pinckney (where I met the lady in the testimony video I posted last week on Facebook!). I spoke from Revelation 7:9-10 on what eternity is about & how the church is to preview that right now. You can listen to the message here. During the second service some friends that accompanied drove around town & found a rather interesting sign. In the evening I was privileged to preach at Bethesda Baptist Church in Allen Park – man I enjoyed joining their singing to & about Christ! Following that worship service 15 of us “dined” at the nicest McDonalds by far I have ever seen, it even had leather seats and the Mona Lisa  – maybe it will become a date spot for me & Susan. I tremendously appreciated the opportunity to minister at both of these churches! And you can tell by the pics they all raised their hands;)

How would you feel if you were scheduled to bat between Miguel Cabrera & Victor Martinez?  (& if you don’t know who they are take a moment to repent) That’s how I felt teaching at Bethesda’s Fall Pastors’ Seminar – last spring’s speaker was Jerry Bridges & next spring’s speaker is DA Carson. So I scrapped my plans to speak on trusting God, exegetical fallacies, & the melchizedekan priesthood & instead spoke on church planting in non-skinny jeans urbia & how suburban churches can partner with urban gospel ministry. The invitation to speak at this seminar was very kind and the men were really gracious and encouraging. Afterwards several of us enjoyed a great time of pizza & fellowship (thanks Inter-City Baptist crew!) where not a few of us displayed our bread eating giftings.

On returning home yesterday I received an email from the student ministries at Riverview Church informing me they had raised $1986.15 through their bottle drive for Restore Church’s Sports & Ultimate Story Outreach – wow! This is really going to help as we prepare for this outreach early next summer.

Last night the kids’ had a great time walking the neighborhood asking for high energy snacks. It was fun to see lots of people out and make new friends. You can see below Ian had his eye blackened & his lip bloodied – but you should see the other kid!

Saturday some of the Restore crew will be helping a block clean-up project and then Sunday at 10:30AM we’ll gather to worship the Lord as we consider from God’s word eternity, race, & the now.

Oh yeah, & we just celebrated Kevin’s 16th birthday – years, where have you gone!?

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